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Alpha Claimed (Wolf Essence 1)

Ritual Bonding (Wolf Essence 2)

Turning Colton (Wolf Essence 2.5)

Savage Yearning (Wolf Essence 3) coming soon



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As a writer I like to bring the reader into the world I have created.

Here is where it begins...with a desire to bring romance to the soul with copious amounts of steamy loving and charismatic characters.



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Alpha Claimed

     Wolf Essence 1

 Welcome to the Howl


The last thing Mya wanted was a high-speed chase over the roofs of her town, ending in her capture and imprisonment in the nightclub known as The Howl. Only as a prisoner of the Pack Alpha Cade James will Mya learn her true nature and regain her lost legacy as the Alpha Bitch of the James Gang.

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Ritual Bonding

     Wolf Essence 2

Milo James' has always been a bit of a loose cannon.

The quintessential Bad-Ass and youngest brother of the Alpha.

He fights hard, he plays harder & lives by the motto--love them once.

Ophelia is a demure sweet girl, innocent by definition (& just happens to be the cousin of Milo's deceased baby mama).

She is still a virgin & plans to stay that way until after the bonding (not if Milo can help it!)

Milo has had a rough year, the party boy found out he has a son-Draxen.

The probelm with that is, Jeslin, the child's mother, was murdered by vamp hunters. Now Draxen is with his grandparents: whom are none other than the Vampire King & Queen.

The King wants Ophelia to return to Toronto and wants the Bonding with the lowly wolf called off.

Milo and Ophelia's issues wreak havoc not only on their relationship but also on the James' Pack.

Ritual Bonding has a bit of everything!

It's full of in-your-face Alpha Females.

Lots of action, commanding vampires & feral Alpha males

who love their women strong & their sex wild.


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Turing Colton

     Wolf Essence 2.5

Colton Price is a Private Investigator.

His surfer-boy good looks get  him whatever he might need or desire.

Never one to stay in one place for too long, Colton bounces from case to case with little regard for  family life. Being that he has none to speak of, only good friends.


So when he get a call  from an old friend to help with a missing person he jumps in with both feet hitting the pavement.

Only thing, Colton thought this was just another case

of lost and found....things are never that cut and dry.

He finds himself thrust into a world that plays out like a horrifying fairytale.

With that, he is caught (quite literally) with his pants down

 ...in the hands of a beautiful and curvaceous, Gigi Marseilles.

She is no shrinking violet and gets sucked into the craziness

that is-Colton Price.

Take a deep breath

 and get yourself ready

 for one heck of a wild and sexy journey.


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Savage Yearning

     Wolf Essence 3

Dane James has always lived in the shadow of his older brother. Even though his upbringing taught him to rise above, take care of his Alpha, and Pack…Dane has always been a bit too laid-back. That is, until recently.

He now runs The Howl full time…a bar in the small town where they live. Dane is a player and never lacks female companionship. Such as it is, he always has gorgeous women on his arm and in his bed. But, his reckless abandon gets him in a bind and spirals his lax-a-daisy life out of control.

The one woman he has always wanted…has been the one woman he could never have.

Vivienne is the sister-in-law of his close friend, Marcus. He made Dane promise him…that he would leave the sweet, demure girl alone.

Dane likes his women ready and willing…which Vivienne is not. Not only is she not his type…she is the only woman that he cannot get out of his mind.

Her body has more curves then should be legal, with a wicked intellect. Viv has made it clear that she wants him and just when things start to heat up, everything falls apart.

James’ men are complicated and the one thing they all desire is their 'True Mate'.

This is Dane's story of heartbreak and redemption on the rocky road to True Love.


Rebel Howl

     Lincoln & Savannah

Rebel Howl rule the record charts and all the benefits that go with being Rock Gods are in endless supply for the five-man band. Booze, sex and women are always ready and available.

Lincoln Cruz is the lead singer and Alpha to his small pack. He’s crude, possessive, arrogant, demanding, cocky and sexy as hell—the Ultimate Alpha Male.

Life on the road leaves little time for their wolves to run free. On this fateful night, once the band finishes a concert in Detroit, they cross the border into Windsor, Ontario and head out to Malden Park. As the pack lets lose, a child sidetracks Lincoln. Her scent is enthralling and her tears pull at his heartstrings.

When Lincoln comes face to face he with the girl’s mom, he realizes she is his One True Mate. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who he is and has no desire to. Lincoln must prove himself worthy of Savannah, protect both mother and child and gain the little girl’s trust in order to help her survive.

In return he just might find salvation.

Alpha Shifters After Dark

Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

Action, passion, danger, and true love: alpha shifters rule the night in this red-hot collection of ***NEW*** stories by your favorite Amazon, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors.

Join us for 12 sizzling stories of seductive shifters ready to battle any foe to claim their fated mates.

Featuring werewolves, bears, cougars, coyotes, and scorching-hot dragons in never-before-seen stories guaranteed to keep temperatures high and the pages turning.

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M. Corchis

 Growing up, I had a passion for reading,, science fiction, music, anything that was creative in nature. I watched sci-fi shows (Buck Rogers & Battlestar Galactica) & read books & magazines about the big, bad wolf & vampires. Someday....I thought, there would always be a place for me In the Final Frontier. As we know life isn't like the movies or TV (no Luke Skywalker or Captain Kirk).

  So after some deep retrospective thought, I decided to live in my fantasy world-through the printed word (or e-books) & share it with the world. I'm never without a book in hand.

  When life throws you a curve-ball, all you need to do is fly away to another world. That world is in the pages waiting to be read!



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